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... for Fashion

Catwalks - Fitting - Showroom
Photo shooting - Advertising - Video Clips

Eye On Model Agency offers a wide international portfolio of female and male models, who can satisfy companies’, photographers’, fashion operators’ and advertising agents’ diverse needs. Our database includes runway models, company fitting and showroom models. It also provides models for fashion catalogues photo shootings, editorials, advertising campaigns and spots.

On demand the Agency can provide make-up artists and hair stylists, photographers, video operators, wardrobe stylists and choreographers.

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...for Fairs, Events and Promotions

Fairs - Promotions - Conferences
Sport events- Entertainment

The Eye On Model Agency database contains many thousands of event staff profiles, both genders, based in the main cities of Italy and Europe; models, hostesses, stewards and promoters for fairs, exhibitions, congresses, tours, marketing, flyer and gadget distribution, etc. Depending on the event needs, the staff is carefully selected for experience and reliability, look, attitude to social relations, language skills and cultural background. The aim is to ensure the customer expectations.

The Agency Team will follow the customer step-by-step before, during and after the event, giving advices and leading the client towards the most appropriate choice, monitoring the personnel performance and, if it’s the case, providing a quick integration/replacement or contributing to problem solving.

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